10 gloriously obscure Star Wars characters

April 30, 2015, Article by Tom in Culture, Film & TV

We’re always wasting time on Twitter, and one of our favourite accounts of all time is @StarWars7783. Covering the glorious 1977-1983 period of the original Star Wars movies, it provides a daily dose of behind the scenes photos, promo shots, stills, props and, best of all, toys. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

To prove why, here are 10 tweets featuring gloriously obscure characters from the original Star Wars trilogy universe…

Mon Mothma – many Bothams died to bring us this tweet:

Ten Numb – forget Nien Nunb, Ten is the boss:

Figrin D’an – the Star Wars version of Paul McCartney:

  Weequay – wrinkly bloke who tries to feed Luke to the Sarlacc:

Mos Eisley barman – voices what many of us feel when he kicks out C3-PO:

2-1B medical droid – puts Luke in a tank and lets him float around. Great guy:

Boshek – without this bloke, Chewie would never have met Obi-Wan. Imagine that:

Lobot – any friend of Lando’s is a friend of ours:

4-Lom – a robot bounty hunter thing with a brain. Not as good as Boba Fett:

Pote Snitkin – literally no idea who this guy is:

You NEED to follow @StarWars7783!