5 Classic Johnny Marr riffs

January 12, 2015, Article by Tom in Culture, Music

As one of the most influential guitar players in music history, Johnny Marr is a music icon. From The Smiths to Electronic, The Cribs to Modest Mouse, The The through to his recent solo albums – basically every time he picks up a guitar, something good happens. So we thought we’d celebrate that fact.

We’ve taken on the impossible task of picking out just a few of his classic riffs. Don’t get mad if your favourite isn’t on there…

5 classic Johnny Marr riffs

The Smiths – ‘Bigmouth Strikes Again’: A Smiths classic and the lead single from their hugely influential third album, 1986’s The Queen is Dead.

Modest Mouse – ‘Dashboard’: One of the highlights from his three-year spell with Washington band Modest Mouse, written on the very first day they started collaborating.

The Cribs – ‘We Share The Same Skies’: Wakefield’s finest + Johnny Marr = gold, as he became the honorary 4th Jarman in the band of brothers. This is just one of the top tunes from the one album they made together, Ignore the Ignorant.

Johnny Marr – ‘The Messenger’: Rather unbelievably, it took until 2013 for Marr to strike out on his own and release a solo album. When he did, with The Messenger, it was well worth the wait. 2014’s Playland is possibly even better.

The Smiths – ‘This Charming Man’: Perhaps the ultimate Johnny Marr riff. There’s not else much to say except grab some chrysanthemums and press play.

Johnny Marr will appear on the closing track of Noel Gallagher’s new album, Chasing Yesterday. Watch the video for their collaboration, ‘Ballad the Mighty I’, here. It’s superb.