5 Conspiracy Thrillers That Didn’t Make The Cut

April 25, 2014, Article by Ben Willis in Books

(NB: this article was shamelessly recycled from last year. You can personally blame Ben for doing so)

Dan Brown has always been something of a hero of the mystery/conspiracy/Tom Hanks/religious/art thriller genre, and many authors owe a generous portion of their sales to his unrivalled success.

So as we prepare for Dan Brown’s INFERNO to be published in paperback next month, we felt it was only right to show you a few writers and conspiracy thrillers we feel should deservedly become ‘The Next Dan Brown’ (if only because some of them are, in fact, also called ‘Dan Brown’…).


1KARMA by Dan Brown

This is less a work of fun, thrilling fiction and more an ambitious statement of intent, from the lesser known Dan Brown: ‘Dan Brown’s Karma is destined to bring the Vatican to its knees and oust Pope Benedict from his throne. This is a true story,’ it claims in its description on Amazon. I think the jacket image explains it better: Lamb of God, Son of God, Aslan (AKA The Holy Trinity).



2. DEATH TO DAN BROWN by Jack Jones

If the real Dan Brown’s sales figures are anything to go by, this guy’s all on his Jack Jones when it comes to his feelings towards the author of The Da Vinci Code. To clear up any confusion, Jones does not intend this short story compilation as an ‘incitement’ – quite the contrary: ‘In fact, we are of the opinion that Mr Brown must be something of a genius to have made so much out of his clearly limited literary abilities. Our proverbial hats are off to you, DB. Let your books burn, burn, burn…” That’s cleared that up then.

Death To Dan Brown


3. AKKADIAN DYNASTY by Martyn Arnold

I’m not going to lie to you, this one’s here solely for the cover image. Think The Mask meets Black Hawk Down.

Akkadian Dynasty


4. The Hidden Da Vinci Discovery by Brandon James

“Did you see Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code?”

“No, I didn’t see Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code.”

“You should see it, he’s really good in it.”

“I said I didn’t see Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci CODE. I’ve seen Tom Hanks in The HIDDEN Da Vinci DISCOVERY…”



5. Through The Third Eye by Lynn Boston

I’ve always said: make sure you finish with the high-end, literary stuff. And so when I discovered this one was ‘Submitted by publisher for the 2012 Pulitzer Prize; pending final decision’, I knew my list was complete.

Third Eye

If you actually are on the lookout for some quality thrillers, you’d do well to have a browse of Crime Files*.

*None contain Aslan


(NB: this article was shamelessly recycled from last year. You can personally blame Ben for doing so)