5 Popstar Children’s Books We’d Like To See (or not)

February 18, 2015, Article by Richard in Culture, Music

Not content with collaborating with feminist hero and all round good-guy Robin Thicke, it seems Pharrell Williams has inked a publishing deal to write books based on his smash-hit, ‘Happy’.

With that in mind (and because we are shamelessly fond of puns and photoshopping), here are five popstar kids’ books we’d like to see (or not)…


1. The Very Angry Caterpillar  by Morrissey

One Sunday morning the warm sun came out and – pop! – out of the egg came a very misanthropic Mancunian…

james 2. James . . . and their Giant Peach

All siddown, all siddown, siddown on this massive peach…


3. Five go off to start a boyband



4. Alice Cooper’s Adventures in Wonderland

Golfer and amateur popstar Alice Cooper freaks the sh*t out of the Mad Hatter et al.


5. The Shock of The Fall

…is that Mark E. Smith, The Fall’s notoriously grumpy frontman, is still going after 367 albums. Here he offers no-nonsense, belligerent advice for growing up.