Andy McDermott: ‘There are plenty of fireworks’

July 28, 2014, Article by Tom in Books

With the ninth Wilde and Chase novel, The Valhalla Prophecy, out this week in paperback, we put a few questions to author Andy McDermott…


When you first came up with Nina and Eddie, did you ever envisage the success of the Wilde and Chase series, or that you’d reach book number nine?
God, no! If anyone had told me in 2006, when I wrote The Hunt For Atlantis, that by 2014 I’d be working on the eleventh Nina and Eddie book (my twelfth published overall), I would have thought they were crazy. Hunt was the ninth novel I’d written, and I honestly thought that of all of them, it had the least chance of selling. I was wrong – thankfully! So if you ever come to me for advice on a writing career, listen to what I say – then do the opposite.
Which authors and works inspired you to pick up a pen and enter into this genre?
I grew up reading thrillers by the likes of Alistair MacLean, Craig Thomas and Tom Clancy (up until his novels became fruit-loop polemics), and they were major influences on my style in terms of plotting and pacing – as was an author who isn’t traditionally considered a thriller writer, Iain M Banks. His Culture novels have some tremendously exciting huge-scale action sequences, as well as containing a lot of humour. The genre has a tendency to be very serious and po-faced, but I wanted to do something with more levity – which led to Eddie’s creation.

Films were also a big influence; my goal was to create a kind of James Bond/Indiana Jones/James Cameron/Die Hard action movie in book form. I’ve just optioned the film rights for the series, so maybe things will come full circle and I’ll see my novels on the big screen. Fingers crossed!
Something which fans of this series seem to love about Nina and Eddie is that, in some ways, they are just like any other couple – does this instalment continue to maintain the routine bickering of a married couple, alongside the action-packed narrative of an adventure epic?
Yes, it does – at the start of The Valhalla Prophecy, life is finally going just fine for the couple… which of course means that events turn everything upside-down! Nina learns that Eddie has been keeping some dark secrets about his past, and worse still he’s willing to sabotage her work to ensure they stay hidden. So there are plenty of fireworks.

The tenth instalment, Kingdom of Darkness, is highly anticipated. Where will it take Nina and Eddie?
The Valhalla Prophecy ends with an event that seriously changes Nina and Eddie’s lives, and part of Kingdom Of Darkness addresses how they deal with that and face up to their own mortality. But the villains in the new story will take any actions necessary to avoid facing death, setting our heroes on a quest that follows the footsteps of Alexander the Great as they try to stay ahead of a small army of Nazis – not neo-Nazis, but actual escaped war criminals who intend to bring about a Fourth Reich…

And which locations would you love to throw them into in the future?
Earlier this year I visited Iceland, which was stunning, and I’m determined to find a way for Nina and Eddie’s adventures to take them there. I’m already working on the next book, which will take them to Germany, the Caribbean and the deserts of Israel, amongst other locations. They’ve visited so many places that it’s getting hard to find countries to which they haven’t previously been!


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