Baking Bad – Man V Fat special

January 20, 2015, Article by Richard in Baking Bad, Food

Many’s the time I’ve found myself standing by the sandwich isle, wondering whether to have cheese and pickle or egg and cress, or in fact whether I’d rather cheese, pickle, egg and cress were to all join forces, smack me round the chops and tell me to go make something myself.

Luckily, with the help of the excellent new MAN V FAT book, and accompanied by blue-eyed pork-pie fancier, Thomas Noble, that’s exactly what I did. The three recipes we tried out were couscous salad with roasted vegetables, Miso soup, and Halloumi, Beetroot and Spinach (I’m a vegetarian, ok? But there are some delicious sounding meaty recipes in there too).

The required ingredients for these three glorious recipes. Bang. Look at all those colours (ignoring the Flake desert and Pringles, which were mainly there for moral support).

I’m a tofu crumbler. There, I’ve said it. Does look quite disgusting, but the flavours!! Enhances any Miso.

sliced veg
Have you ever seen such a cornucopia of sliced health? No, you haven’t.

stirring soup
Noble stirs the Miso Soup. He’s apprensive about tofu because it isn’t served in pastry and/or with gravy.

all done
A triumvirate of delicious nutritiousness. All exceptionally quick and easy to make, with pretty simple ingredients. And good for you! What more could you want?

eating soup
Caught post-slurp (thanks Noble), I tuck into the warming and flavoursome Miso Soup.

Couscous and roasted veg meets halloumi, spinach and beetoot. And the rest is history.

So there you have it. Never again should you have to stand in the kitchen at work pretending you’re excited about the watery soup rotating in the microwave. Check out Andrew Shanahan‘s Man V Fat and get some proper healthy grub down your gullets. Using a three-step guide, it’ll help you understand why you got fat in the first place, how to then tackle the flab, and how to create a lasting winning structure. It’s also got tips on which diet is right for you, nutrition advice, plus exercise and fitness plans. Basically everything you need to kick your beer belly’s ass.


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