Book news – Man V Fat coming soon

September 23, 2014, Article by Tom in Books

Entrepreneur and former food critic to publish practical, no-nonsense guide for normal blokes looking to shift some pounds…

Back in 2011 Andrew Shanahan was working long hours, stressed and eating poorly. That’s something we can all probably identify with. As a result of this he was 60 lbs overweight and chronically unfit, and one morning he took a selfie of his gut (or a ‘guttie’ as some people might call it) to text to a mate for a joke. But once he had taken the picture, he couldn’t stop looking at it. The sheer horror of it forced him to wake up and realise how unhappy he was about his body and resolve to change it.

But what he found was that the dieting industry had turned its back on men. Despite being desperate for information and support, he realised dieting was strictly for women. Men were expected to get fit, get ripped and turn fat into a six-pack in six weeks. But there was nothing for men who simply didn’t want a beer belly any more.

shan_headshotAndrew Shanahan: this man can help you

Andrew had to learn how to lose weight the hard way and it left him with two things: the certainty that this was something the world needed, and a desire to help as many overweight men as possible. He launched a crowdfunding campaign to start MAN v FAT, a digital magazine and website which offered men support and practical advice. It must have been a damn good idea, as the campaign soon gained support from the likes of Jamie Oliver, The British Dietetic Association, The Men’s Health Forum, Heart UK, Diabetes UK, and not to mention the thousands of normal men who have used it and found it useful.

In January 2015, Andrew is bringing his findings, recipes, guidance and all-round words of wisdom together and is publishing MAN v FAT: The Weight Loss Manual. He promises to break down weight loss into clear stages, answer all the key questions about dieting and give normal blokes like you and I everything we might need in order to lose weight. Perfect for shifting that post-Christmas flab.

We’re going to be paying attention to this one as it sounds like a great idea that could actually make a positive difference to normal blokes like us. Bravo Andrew, we like what you’re doing.

MAN V FAT will be published by Headline in January 2015

Man V Fat