#BookPitches – 3 new books (possibly) coming soon…

January 30, 2015, Article by Tom in Books

We’ve been tracking recent trends in the book market, and have decided we can easily make a ton of cash. Here are some of our suggestions for new books, potentially coming soon to a library, bestseller list OR clearance warehouse near you…

albert-spoonThe Amazingly Curious Tale of Mr Albert B. Spoon by R. J. Roper

Albert is 150 years old and lives in Wicklebottom-on-Sea, Sussex. The locals regard him with nothing but contemptuous politeness, yet there is more to Albert than Werther’s Originals and Jeremy, his loyal, wisecracking parrot. By turns hilarious and quite funny, The Amazingly Curious Tale of Mr Albert B. Spoon is a curiously amazing romp through amazing curiousness.SHOCKWAVESShockwaves by Thomas Noble

It’s the book everyone is talking about. Trapped in a loveless marriage that has lost its spark, Nicola and Andy are at breaking point. Something has to give, and that means one of them will go missing and/or end up dead, and it will probably involve flashbacks. A gripping, dual-narrative psychological thriller that is this year’s ultimate poolside read.

sugarfree The Carb Free, Sugar Free, Fun Free Cookbook by Dr. T. Troughton

It’s a popular belief that dieting means giving up on the good stuff in life: sweets, chocolate, carbs. However, this is not true at all. Whether you’re hanging out with friends, planning a meal for work, or preparing snacks for the weekend, The Carb Free, Sugar Free, Fun Free Cookbook will prove that there is an uninspired and tasteless recipe for every occasion.

Would you read any of these? Or got any #BookPitches of your own?