Christmas songs that are actually worth listening to

December 4, 2014, Article by Tom in Culture, Music

Everyone knows that the majority of Christmas songs are awful. Properly, sickeningly awful.

Thankfully however, you can chuck out the Now That’s What I Call Christmas! CD, as it turns out that there are some hidden gems that will help you get in the festive mood without making you want to gouge your eye out with a fork and drown yourself in a boiling hot vat of mulled wine. Here are some of our favourites…

Joni Mitchell: ‘River’

Julian Casablancas: ‘I Wish It Was Christmas Today’

The Sonics: ‘Santa Claus’

Smith & Burrows: ‘This Ain’t New Jersey’

Kate Bush: ‘December Will Be Magic Again’

Best Coast and Wavves: ‘Something For You’

Slow Club: ‘Christmas TV’

Bob Dylan: ‘It Must Be Santa’ (ok, so this one is pretty weird to be honest…)

Have we missed any? Probably. Give us a shout and let us know: @StareAtBooks

Oh, and Merry Christmas etc…