Comic Week: The Etherington Brothers’ Cultural Picks

March 16, 2015, Article by Mr Book in Books, Comics

This week is comic week on MWSAB, and to kick us off we’ve got the mighty Etherington brothers, Lorenzo and Robin, picking out some of their cultural highlights…

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Lorenzo: I tend to have favourite songs as opposed to favourite bands, at the moment my late night sessions at the drawing board are accompanied by 2-Player Co-Op by Danny Wiessner, Wicked Games by Parra for Cuva and Anna Naklab, and Love Like This by Wild Belle.

Robin: The Chemical Brothers. Twenty years at the top of their game, seven unique albums, a killer soundtrack to the film Hanna, and the pair continue to find new ways to make great music that transcends the dance genre.


Lorenzo: Picking a favourite artist is like picking a favourite Coco Pop, though you can’t really go wrong with Earl Oliver Hurst, in particular his covers for Collier’s and Home in the ’40s.

Robin: Albert Uderzo. The thirteen book run from Asterix and the Golden Sickle to Asterix in Spain is some of the most consistently brilliant cartooning I’ve ever seen.


Lorenzo: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. If I need to explain why, you’ll never understand.

Robin: So hard. If I’m not buried in books I’m watching movies. There’s a dozen vying for the top spot but I’ll go with Raiders of the Lost Arc. Just flawless fun. And LA Confidential. A stunning reworking of a superb book. And Open Range. And Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And The Untouchables. And on and on and on. I’m not committing to this list! I can’t and I won’t!


Lorenzo: The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie. Rushdie’s sixth novel, and in my opinion his finest.

Robin: The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie remains a firm favourite. As does anything from the satirical pen of Christopher Brookmyre. I’ll always have a soft spot for Spares, One of Us and Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith, and the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons remains the most startling piece of science fiction I’ve ever encountered.

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Lorenzo: I have nothing but love for Richard L. Breen, his characterisation and nuance in writing dialogue that stings and sings is unrivalled.

Robin: I’m breaking the rules and picking two. Rene Goscinny for the best of Asterix and the best of Lucky Luke, and Terry Pratchett for pretty much everything.


Lorenzo: Courgetti with red chilli and lemon juice. Must be stir fried in coconut oil. Great by itself, but it also goes with pretty much everything.

Robin: Everything! I live to eat! A perfect porterhouse steak, plump, medium-raw verging on the bloody, is pretty hard to beat. Especially with a rich peppercorn sauce and a Jenga pile of fat chips.


Lorenzo: It’s got to be a Caipirinha, though you need to make it with good quality cane sugar and proper Brazillian Cachaça, my favourite brand of which is Pirapora. Make sure your limes are fresh, and roll them around the chopping board a few times before juicing to get the most out of them.

Robin: Everything! If I’m not eating, I’m probably drinking. But let’s keep that steak in mind a pick either a pint of honey pale ale or a large glass of red wine, rich and warming.


Lorenzo: There’s a little cafe in Prague called Mezi Zrnky that I’d go to every day if it wasn’t 787 miles away.

Robin: The mountains. Anywhere in the world but the French Alps are my spiritual second home.

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