Frank Turner to write touring memoir

June 18, 2014, Article by Richard in Books, Music

Frank Turner has played over 1,584 shows across the globe, so the man knows a thing or two about life on the road. Well then, you lucky people, it’s a good thing he has decided to write a book chronicling his journey from another nambucca show to ruddy Wembley arena.

The book is set to be published next Spring by Headline. The man himself said:

“It took some persuading for me to think about writing a book of any kind, but in the end I realised that I have spent a pretty unusual amount of time touring hard in the last few years, and I have a fair few stories to tell, and maybe even a tiny smidgen of wisdom to impart to people starting out on the same path. Plus I come from a family of yarn-spinners, and I can run my mouth, so it makes sense.”

Headline will publish the as yet untitled memoir in hardback and e-book in Sring 2015. Read more here on

To mark this pretty spectacular news, here are a few of our favourite Frank Turner videos…


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