High Rise by JG Ballard

March 18, 2015, Article by Beau Merchant in Books Worth Staring At

Only the very best books get the ‘Books Worth Staring At’ sticker, and here’s the latest to achieve this…

The book: High Rise by J. G. Ballard

Published: 1975, by Jonathan Cape

Why we loved it: As with much of Ballard’s work, High Rise delves into the lives of a cut-off society and the degeneration of those who inhabit it. The society in question here are the residents of an ultra-modern apartment block, where every need is catered for (schools, pools, gym, shops, the lot). As there is little need to leave, the tenants soon become isolated from the rest of humanity, and what start as petty arguments soon become full-on, bloody fights between the floors.

There are soon power failures, brutal deaths and, as food becomes a scarce, dogs are eaten. Beautifully written, gripping and absorbing.