Jimmy Bullard book cover reveal

April 8, 2014, Article by Tom in Books, Sport

Jimmy Bullard is a footballing hero.

He may not have had the perfect hair-do, his Granada Ghia may not have been the flashiest of cars, and he definitely didn’t have a string of Page 3 girls trying to sell kiss and tell stories about him to the tabloids. But what he has in spades is a genuine love for The Beautiful Game that few of his peers can match.

We are extremely excited to be publishing the first Jimmy Bullard book, BEND IT LIKE BULLARD, in May this year. We’ve read it, and trust us, it’s hilarious. Any real football fan will love this books, regardless of who you support.

So today we’re delighted to be able to reveal the cover right here. We think it’s a cracker and we hope you like it too…