Jurassic World – Nostalgia finds a way

June 9, 2015, Article by Beau Merchant in Culture, Film & TV

There are only a handful of films that make such an impact that most people remember the first time they saw it. Jurassic Park is one of them.

I saw it at the Barnet Odeon in July 1993 with my Dad, brother and Grandad (who was sporting the most horrendous Hawaiian shirt).  I’d never seen anything like it. This was before the world wide web came along and dampened any surprise with the endless trailers, clips and spoilers. There were dinosaurs! In a theme park! Eating people! With Jeff Goldblum!


The film worked on every level. From the brilliantly written characters, to the touching and funny moments, to the jump scares and the clever merchandising and toys – there was something to satisfy every age.

The sequel that followed was a little lacklustre, and by time the woeful Jurassic Park 3 came along in 2001 the franchise and any fond memories of the first film were long extinguished.

Now that fourteen years have passed we’ve all got older, more nostalgic and we crave that same feeling the first film gave us all those years back. With the release of Jurassic World this week, there will be a whole generation who grew up with the original film flocking to the cinema for that reason. Who cares if the trailer looks slightly ridiculous with dinosaurs working for humans and a genetically super-species dinosaur on the loose? This may be the film in the series that jumps the shark (or should that be eats the shark?) but it won’t put people off. Nostalgia finds a way.

Jurassic World hits cinemas this Friday, 12th June. We think it might be quite popular…