Make the ‘Seven For a Secret’ cocktail

July 16, 2014, Article by Tom in Books

To celebrate the paperback publication of SEVEN FOR A SECRET, author Lyndsay Faye and her husband Gabe have created this kickass new cocktail. Enjoy! (and drink responsibly!)

Wilde’s Secret Punch


1 1/4 oz Rye whiskey
1 1/4 oz Mint black tea*
3/4 oz Fresh lemon juice
3/4 oz Simple syrup
10 drops Rose flower water
Grated cinnamon (preferably fresh)

*Brew 10oz of hot water with 1 black tea bag and 1 peppermint tea bag.  Let cool.


Shake first 5 ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, grate cinnamon on top to finish.

Wilde’s Secret Punch can also be mixed in a big bowl with plenty of ice, making it perfect for book club meetings and parties.


Seven for a Secret is the second in Lyndsay’s Gods of Gotham series. Set in mid-ninteenth century New York, it’s perfect for fans of Sherlock Holmes, Gangs of New York and Ripper Street. Find out more HERE people. Oh, and follow Lyndsay on Twitter. She’s cool: @LyndsayFaye