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May 20, 2014, Article by Richard in Baking Bad, Food

In the previous episode of Baking Bad, we stumbled our way to triumph baking John Whaite’s top notch Mojito Cake. So this time it seemed like we should step things up a gear; rather than just cooking one thing between us, we’d each do our own dish. The source of our inspiration this time? TASTY, the absolutely stunning new book from Tony Singh, one of The Incredible Spice Men from BBC Two.

Over the next few days, we’ll be showing you the 3 dishes we cooked from the book. Next up, here’s Richard with the sexy Sweet Potato Curry

the hatch

The ingredients
All nice and straightforward. You should be able to pop into a Tesco Metro and get everything you need (other supermarkets are available of course, and good luck to them). If you can’t find scales in the shop, 750g of sweet potato is roughtly equivalent to Nicholas Lyndhurst’s shoulder.

The equipment
Even if you’re cooking on a plastic chopping board from 1998, as I am below, you’ll be fine. Ideally you’ll be using a knife that’s fairly decent, as the sweet potato can be a tough one.

rich-slicingOnion, sweet potato, various condiments. See what I mean about the chopping board?

The method

The glory of this recipe is its simplicity. You can choose to bake the sweet potato before you add it to the onion, ginger and spices, or you can chop it at start (as I did), and whack it in at the kick-off. With four of us dancing around a kitchen the size of Jamie Oliver’s sink, it was handy that I was mostly diligently stirring.

The results

As the vegetarian correspondent of MWSAB, I am pleased to say this is a particularly thrilling dish. The spices mingled like advertising executives in a sweaty boardroom, and the sweet potato and chickpeas soaked them up greedily. All in all, lovely stuff.



Round 2 of ‘Singh For Your Supper’ was ten on ten (Sonia). I shall be making a big-time batch of this in the very near future. Tony you diamond.

Next up…

Pudding fancier and raconteur Ben Willis treats us all to Triple Chocolate brownies.

TASTY by Tony Singh is published Thursday 22nd May. It’s an absolute cracker of a book. Order yourself a copy here and get cooking.

tasy cover

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