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May 21, 2014, Article by Ben Willis in Baking Bad, Food

In our third and final instalment of Baking Bad 2: Singh For Your Supper, Ben was in charge of the final dish: Triple Chocolate Brownies.

[WARNING: Contains occasional mild fiction]

It all started with the wrong sized baking tray, a 40 cm squared space of tired, stained 80s formica kitchen surface, and an electric hob that some annoying person (Richard) kept turning off when I wasn’t looking. I was a brownie virgin, and now, looking back, I can admit I was nervous. My previous experience of baking was limited and had led only to vicious insults from colleagues, and balls of sponge concealed passive aggressively in napkins in the tops of bins scattered around the office. Self-raising flour? Caster sugar? An egg? What the hell had I gotten myself into…

The ingredients
I recall it consisted mostly of chocolate: white and milk chocolate chips and substantial slabs of the 80% dark stuff. But there was definitely other things in there too; things like sugar, butter, a single hen’s egg (large) and flour, you know, stuff like that. At one point I almost poured some milk in, but was prevented from doing so by Holly, who pointed out that the ‘milk’ actually referred to the kind of chocolate we would be using. Phew.


The equipment
Tom doesn’t believe in pyrex bowls, so a small, scratched glass measuring jug would have to do for the chocolate and butter melting. A saucepan of boiling water was vital for this. A baking tray (note: try not to use a roasting tray, if at all possible…) is a useful tool for cooking the finished mix in. You need an oven too – I can’t stress that enough.

The method
This is the part that’s hard to share using mere words. How can I possibly describe accurately the careful, exact twist of my right hand as I whisked sugar and egg together to form a yellowy fluff-goo? How does one find words to amply illustrate the careful, considered stirring of chocolate and butter as it melted down to brown silk? And then how – HOW – can I paint in your mind the image of my combining of these two sticky sludges as they become one, and then the method by which I took that mighty broth and poured it with gentle arm into the grateful mouth of the greaseproof paper-dressed baking tray? Bake for 20 minutes.


The results
Headline publicist Elaine Egan said they were the ‘best brownies she’s ever had, and I’ve visited Martha Stewart in jail.’

I’m glad your brownies were my first, Tony.

brownieThe glory

TASTY by Tony Singh is published Thursday 22nd May. It’s an absolute cracker of a book. Order yourself a copy here and get cooking.

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