Movember Special: the best moustaches in literature

November 1, 2014, Article by Tom in Books

It’s that time of year when men everywhere feel that it’s acceptable to grow a moustache. Well, it is for a good cause.

One thing’s for certain though: no matter how hard you try to cultivate some impressive upper lip fuzz, you won’t look as good as this lot. Here’s our pick of the best ‘taches from the literary world. Some are fictional, some are real, all are fantastic.

Six of the finest moustaches in literature

watson copyDr Watson
Physician, assistant to Sherlock Holmes, good egg

orwellGeorge Orwell
Novelist, political writer, tea drinker, British icon

hookCaptain Hook
Pirate captain, enemy of Peter Pan, scared of crocodiles

Poet, playwright, inventor of words

poirotHercule Poirot
Private detective, short round Belgian, often wears hats

twainMark Twain
Author, lecturer, ‘father of American literature’, sometimes topless


Good luck to everyone taking part in Movember. You’re gonna need it.