Is Oscar Isaac Hollywood’s coolest actor?

January 30, 2015, Article by Tom in Culture, Film & TV

Gosling seems to have gone a bit quiet recently, McConaughey keeps doing terrible adverts, and Bale’s last few films have been rubbish. So the title of Hollywood’s coolest actor is up for grabs, and here are a few reasons why that might just be Oscar Isaac…

He’s in not one but TWO great films at the moment:

You wait ages for a new Oscar Isaac film, and then two come along at once. That’s right, creepy futuristic sci-fi thriller Ex Machina and crime drama A Most Violent Year are both in cinemas now and are getting rave reviews. His unnerving, bearded tech genius in Ex Machina is particularly glorious, and includes a rather peculiar dance scene.


He was in Drive:

The coolest film of the last ten years. And he was in it. Yes, Ryan Gosling got all the praise for being all good looking and whatever, but Standard Gabriel was a more edgy and interesting character, and probably had more lines.


He was Llewyn Davis:

His performance as the titular troubled folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis was pretty much superb, and he was nominated for a shedload of awards as a result. Proving that he can sing as well as act, it was 100 minutes of 1960s New York-based brilliance from the Coen Brothers. The entire soundtrack is well worth a listen.

He’s going to be in Star Wars!

It doesn’t get much better than that for an actor, does it? Even better, he’s going to be playing an X-Wing pilot called Poe Damoren, which is surely the greatest Star Wars name since Salacious B. Crumb. The Force Awakens hits cinemas this December, so why not watch the trailer again…

Keep up the good work, Oscar Isaac.