Salvo review: A compelling and unique drama

September 18, 2014, Article by Beau Merchant in Film & TV

Palmero during a heatwave doesn’t look much fun. The increase in air-con use has caused the electricity grid to go kaput, meaning everywhere is hotter and nothing works.

Salvo, an enforcer for the local mafia, drives through the city with his boss (known only as Boss). A violent, explosive but bodged assassination attempt is made on them by a rival gang.

In what is an absorbing, haunting and beautiful scene, Salvo breaks into the home of the gang’s boss with the aim of taking him out. He instead finds the man’s blind sister, Rita, and follows her around the house as music plays. The camera lingers, Salvo the blurred stalker in the background.  Every so often Rita pauses as if she feels/hears him. Salvo follows some more and no dialogue is spoken. It’s all truly breathtaking and captivating cinema. The man returns home, Salvo kills him and, not knowing what do with Rita, kidnaps her.

The film slightly unravels as Salvo is faced with the usual dilemmas and questions involved with his line of work as he becomes closer to the captured Rita. The later introduction of some supernatural elements didn’t sit quite right, although the final stand-off is well worth the wait. There are some grand and interesting ideas not usually associated with this type of film, so praise must go to the film makers for trying something new.

An exceptional opening 30 minutes and some unique ideas and themes makes this a film you should definitely dig-out.

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Salvo is released on DVD and VOD September 29th