Top YouTuber Marcus Butler to publish new book, Hello Life!

April 20, 2015, Article by Mr Book in Books

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll have noticed the emergence of a new generation of stars: YouTubers. Funny, cool and very, very popular (everything we’re not, basically), these vloggers now rule the internet. And one of the most popular, Marcus Butler, is bringing out a book, Hello Life!

Although we’re not really the target market for vloggers, we have a lot of time for Marcus. He mixes light-hearted sketches and self-depracating comedy with serious empathy and advice for the problems that young people face today. He’s basically a very good egg, hence why he has over 2 million Twitter followers and 3.6 MILLION YouTube subscribers. Impressive stuff.

Watch Marcus announcing the book in the video below…


Hello Life!, the part-autobiography, part-self help guide from Marcus Butler, will be published on July 30th this year. Find out more and pre-order here