A Year of Marvellous Ways

May 22, 2015, Article by Beau Merchant in Books Worth Staring At

Only the very best books get the ‘Books Worth Staring At’ sticker, and here’s the latest to achieve this…

The book: A Year of Marvellous Ways by Sarah Winman

Published: June 2015, by Tinder Press

Why we loved it: Pure poetry. I really wasn’t expecting to be as moved and captivated as I was by Sarah Winman’s second novel, but every paragraph is full of the most exquisite detail and the characters are beautifully realised.

It’s a book about love, friendship, memory and regret. Sarah’s debut, When God Was A Rabbit, was a very unique piece of writing, and this follow-up is just as special. It’s hard to try and sum up the plot in just a few lines, but elderly Marvellous Ways and a young soldier meet in strange circumstances, and affect each other in ways neither expected.

Maybe being a new Dad has made me soft, but I could’ve easily spent well over a year in the company of Marvellous Ways. Genuinely stunning.


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